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February 2019 Astrology Travel Report

Jan 16, 2019 | Monthly astrology travel reports

February 2019 Astrology Travel Report

by Annie Botticelli

See how the astrology of February 2019 can influence your travel plans this month in my January 2019 Astrology Travel Report …

Travel Report Disclaimer:

When I give dates that have sweet or challenging aspects, those dates or aspects can manifest on days before or after those days so keep the potentials in your awareness beyond the exact date mentioned.

I talk about how the general astrological energies could lend themselves well to certain types of trips but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t be just as good.  Trust your flow.

Just because there’s a challenging aspect during a planned or proposed trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, and just because there are sweet aspects doesn’t mean challenges or problems won’t come up.

These reports can’t and don’t to take into consideration an individuals personal chart which could go against or support the general transits listed.

If you see difficult aspects in the report expected during a time you are stuck in a trip and can’t get out of it, or it doesn’t seem into the flow to shift it, try to not worry and instead trust the circumstances that you are being placed in and just use extra awareness, discernment, presence, and intuition.

Above all your intuition has to reign supreme and is prudent to use over anything that anyone or anything else says.

General February 2019 Astrology Travel Overview Vlog:

Mood for the month:  Mood for the month: Open stars, free from retrograde energies until around February 19. Great energies for business trips, connecting with friends and groups, and quiet retreats.


We are completely free from personal planet retrogrades this month until around February 19 when the pre-transit shadow period for the Mercury retrograde cycle begins.  Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 – 28 and the energies will cover all of March and run through April 17 for the post-transit shadow period.

To see the future dates of each of the personal planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) for 2019 go here.

Happy Traveling!

~ Annie

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