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July 2018 Astrology Travel Report

May 28, 2018 | Monthly astrology travel reports

July 2018 Travel Astrology Report

by Annie Botticelli

See how the astrology of July 2018 can influence your travel plans this month in my July 2018 Astrology Travel Report …

Travel Report Disclaimer:


When I give dates that have sweet or challenging aspects, those dates or aspects can manifest on days before or after those days so keep the potentials in your awareness beyond the exact date mentioned.

I talk about how the general astrological energies could lend themselves well to certain types of trips but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t be just as good.  Trust your flow.


Just because there’s a challenging aspect during a planned or proposed trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, and just because there are sweet aspects doesn’t mean challenges or problems won’t come up.

These reports can’t and don’t to take into consideration an individuals personal chart which could go against or support the general transits listed.

If you see difficult aspects in the report expected during a time you are stuck in a trip and can’t get out of it, or it doesn’t seem into the flow to shift it, try to not worry and instead trust the circumstances that you are being placed in and just use extra awareness, discernment, presence, and intuition.


Above all your intuition has to reign supreme and is prudent to use over anything that anyone or anything else says.


General July 2018 Astrology Travel Overview:


Mood for the month:  Home & Family Focused; Friend, Group, & Event Focused; Focus on Kids/Family/Creative Endeavors


There is much LEO influence this month. This brings a strong focus on creativity, fun, hobbies, recreation, romance, and things related to children.


Aquarius energy brings the draw to connect with friends and groups.  


Strong Cancer energies still present continue the draw to home (stay-cations), places where you lived before/that feel like home, adventures to scope out future home locations, and trips with or to see family or having family come visit you.  Also, Cancer energy can bring the draw to seaside locations.


Dates to Note:


Days around July 5 ~ Minor aggravations/Major Bliss ~  There is an aspect today that can impede mobility and action but it is coupled with a delightful balancer that can bring great outcomes after the minor annoyance. 


Days around July 9 ~ Pay closer attention to details ~ Concentrating can be harder with an aspect today.  Take extra remember and keep track of important information and belongings. 


Days around July 12 and July 27  ~ Eclipse Intensity ~  Eclipses are powerful astrological transits.  Although eclipses do sometimes bring challenges, they very often can also bring major transformation and very exciting and fulfilling opportunities. Surprises are more likely to come up and leaving flexibility with plans can prove to be wise so you can show up for whatever comes up.  Have a back-up/contingency plan and a mental state prepared for quick changes.  Try to be well-rested so you can be present for anything.  


Days around July 11, July 13-14, and July 22  ~ Awesome Sweet Spots ~ I love the aspects that sweetens up these times!  Venus ruler of love and romance, beauty and aesthetics, and money and finances is beautifully enhanced first by Uranus, the bringer of change, then by Saturn, the great stabilizer, and then by Jupiter, the great expander AND Jupiter is now direct.  Beautiful experiences and things coming to fruition are more likely now.  Great travel transits!


Days around July 24  ~ Give Extra Attention to Finances and Personal Information ~ Neptune brings murkiness with an aspect with Venus today.  More heavily guard your personal information and important travel documents.



Days around July 25  ~ Mercury goes retrograde ~ Mercury is the ruler of information, travel, and mobility.  In the days around the time it move retrograde (and for the whole retrograde transit), changes and miscommunications are more likely.  See more about this transit in the information below about Personal Planet Retrograde Status. 



Personal Planet Retrograde Status:


Mars is fully retrograde now (as of June 26 running through August 28) and for many this will mean a strong desire to kick back and relax.  I love this time for vacations and retreats.  In general I like Mars retrograde for travel because it increases the odds of relaxation and leaving behind of work and worries and increases the desire for recreation.  Mars does rule metal (and all methods of travel except walking and running are made of metal) so keep an eye out for the ways that this could manifest during your travel plans.  I describe Mars retrograde as giving us ‘permission to chill’.


To understand the Mars retrograde energies better, check out my detailed video on the topic and see my blog Your Guide to Mars Retrograde.


Mercury goes retrograde July 25 (running through August 19) bringing many travel opportunities and also increasing the odds of changes in plans, last-minute trip opportunities, and miscommunications.  Travel can be great at this time but definitely more attention to important travel details is needed.  Airplane gates will tend to change more and sometimes at the last minute.  Leave extra early for flights and check and double-check document and other airline requirements including updated security details.   For car travel, double-check functionality of vehicle, have back-up safety equipment, updated registration/insurance info etc., and make sure to keep gas tank full – filling up more regularly and not letting tank go below 1/4 gas remaining.


To understand the Mercury retrograde energies better, check out my video on the topic.


To see the dates of each of the personal planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) for 2018 go here.

Happy Traveling!

~ Annie


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