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June 2018 Astrology Travel Report

Apr 28, 2018 | Monthly astrology travel reports

Travel Report Disclaimer:

When I give dates that have sweet or challenging aspects, those dates or aspects can manifest on days before or after those days so keep the potentials in your awareness beyond the exact date mentioned.

I talk about how the general astrological energies could lend themselves well to certain types of trips but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t be just as good.  Trust your flow.

Just because there’s a challenging aspect during a planned or proposed trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, and just because there are sweet aspects doesn’t mean challenges or problems won’t come up.

These reports can’t and don’t to take into consideration an individuals personal chart which could go against or support the general transits listed.

If you see difficult aspects in the report expected during a time you are stuck in a trip and can’t get out of it, or it doesn’t seem into the flow to shift it, try to not worry and instead trust the circumstances that you are being placed in and just use extra awareness, discernment, presence, and intuition.

Above all your intuition has to reign supreme and is prudent to use over anything that anyone or anything else says.

General June 2018 Astrology Travel Overview:

Mood for the month:  Busy, Active, READY FOR MOVEMENT, Friend and Event Focused, Focus on Kids/Family/Creative Endeavors

There is a massive amount of Gemini influence this month.  Gemini is one of the two signs that is most about TRAVEL.  June is one of my favorite months for travel this year first because of this Gemini energy that is just ready for the open road or other methods of travel; second, because of the impending Mars retrograde which tends to make people lazy and ready to play, and third because even though we are strongly influenced by Mars retrograde this month, we are completely free of Mercury retrograde energies which make it easier to make travel plans and have them be more stable.

Gemini energy brings more opportunities to connect with siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins; to explore your neighborhood, town, state, or beyond, and to chat and connect with people you are excited to see.  Aquarius energy coupled with Gemini doubles the draw to connect with friends and make new friends and acquaintances.  Strong Cancer energies still present (and getting stronger) continue the draw to home (stay-cations), places where you lived before/that feel like home, adventures to scope out future home locations, and trips with or to see family or having family come visit you.

Dates to Note:

Days around June 1 ~ Surprise money or love ~  I absolutely love the week starting from the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29 through around June 3 for travel!  Happy surprises and money luck are more likely now.  Romantic trips are awesome for this time, as are business and general leisure 🙂

Days around June 5-6 ~ Guard your personal information/Focus on security ~ Miscommunications and security breaches are more likely now.  It could still be great for travel in general but with extra precautions and awareness of security and trip details.  

Days around June 13 ~ Awesome travel time ~  The New Moon in Gemini increases the odds of travel, near or far, and with some great support to Mercury from Uranus, the planet of surprises, last-minute trips, or great travel surprises or more likely.

Days around June 26-30 ~ Frustration and challenges more likely ~ 

Mars goes retrograde, a serious Full Moon, and some challenging aspects to Mercury make this set of days a bit more tricky to navigate.  Proceed cautiously.  The chance for travel related to work or something involved your father/father figure is increased at this time.

Personal Planet Retrograde Status:

We are completely clear of Mercury retrograde energy.  

Mars retrograde energy get stronger throughout the month as it moves towards official retrograde on June 26 In general I like Mars retrograde for travel because it increases the odds of relaxation and leaving behind of work and worries and increases the desire for recreation.  Mars does rule metal (and all methods of travel except walking and running are made of metal) so keep an eye out for the ways that this could manifest during your travel plans.  I describe Mars retrograde as giving us ‘permission to chill’ 🙂

To understand the Mars retrograde energies better, check out my detailed video on the topic and see my blog Your Guide to Mars Retrograde.

To see the dates of each of the personal planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) for 2018 go here.

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli

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