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March 2018 Astrology Travel Report

Jan 30, 2018 | Monthly astrology travel reports

Travel Report Disclaimer:

When I give dates that have sweet or challenging aspects, those dates or aspects can manifest  on days before or after those days so keep the potentials in your awareness beyond the exact date mentioned.

I talk about how the general astrological energies could lend themselves well to certain types of trips but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t be just as good.  Trust your flow 🙂

Just because there’s a challenging aspect during a planned or proposed trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, and just because there are sweet aspects doesn’t mean challenges or problems won’t come up.

These reports can’t and don’t to take into consideration an individuals personal chart which could go against or support the general transits listed.

If you see difficult aspects in the report expected during a time you are stuck in a trip and can’t get out of it, or it doesn’t seem into the flow to shift it, try to not worry and instead trust the circumstances that you are being placed in and just use extra awareness, discernment, presence, and intuition.

Above all your intuition has to reign supreme and is prudent to use over anything that anyone or anything else says 🙂

General March Astrology Travel Overview:

March will bring great impulsivity, making last minute trips very likely.  After around March 8  the odds of things already scheduled changing increases notably, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great for travel, it just asks for more flexibility and more proactive attention to travel details.

Opportunities (including those that involve travel) from the eclipses may be popping up now or coming to fruition from plans already made.

Mood through around March 7:  Restorative, Relaxing, Romantic, Inward-focused, Emotional, Spiritual, Remedial, Nurturing, and Adventurous

Pisces energy dominating until around the 18 brings strong themes of self-care, relaxation, nurturance, psychic and spiritual pursuits, and dreamy romance.

Pisces energy is especially amazing for romantic get-away’s, singles trips with intention to meet someone special, solo journeys intended for relaxation and quiet reflection, spiritual retreats, and anything related to artistic work or hobbies.

Mars (still in Sagittarius until the 18) brings the theme of restlessness, adventure, plus more energy around teaching and learning, plus a strong draw to different cultures, countries, and languages.

Mood March 7 and after:  Impulsive, Restless, Impatient, Ambitious, Zesty, Practical, Forward-thinking, and Career-focused.

The planetary energies move deep into Aries expression after the first week of March (a theme that was already in play early in the month).  Aries energy may increase the odds of sudden decisions for last-minute adventures.

Aries energy is especially wonderful for anything that carries the tone of surprising adventure, individual accomplishment or experience, health or other physical body related travel (health and wellness retreats, etc.)

Mars moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn on March 18 bringing in more forward-thinking and practicality.

I love business trips during Mars in Cap, as well as anything that is part of a future plan for work/career, or finding one’s true vocation and spiritual calling.

Dates to Note:

Days around March 4 ~ Amazing access to deep intuitive reservoirs and romantic potential ~  There is a lot going on astrologically today in the sign of Pisces. This is a wonderful time for getting quiet and going deep.  Also, an emotional breakthrough could occur alone or with another.

Days around March 11 ~ Surprise changes in plans could occur now ~ also give extra awareness to safety of self and belongings while traveling.  Leave extra time for catching planes, etc. as there may be some blocks to mobility at this time.

At the same time as the potential mobility blocks there are two awesome transits that could support and enhance travel and important inner or outer discoveries.

Days around March 13 ~ Money pinches are more likely now or this could manifest as spending more money than intended.  Either way be extra mindful.

Days around March 22 ~  Mercury officially starting its retrograde transit often brings changes to plans, delays, or unexpected things to deal with.  Head off these potentials with focus on travel details.  For car travel make sure to have vehicle checked out before traveling to make sure no surprises are looming that can be seen.  Also, if possible, leave some flexibility around all plans at this time as the odds are increased for shifts in set plans.

Days around March 28 ~ Surprises involving money and love are more likely at this time.  This is the kind of thing it is hard to plan for because the manifestation is sure to feel like a surprise.  If you are reading this well beforehand, one of the best ways to deal with the money aspect of this is to have money aside to help with anything that could come up.  For the love aspect of the potential, do whatever things seem appropriate for your relationship status that could prepare you for a surprise romantic interaction or event.

Personal Planet Retrograde Status:

All personal planets clear of retrogrades until March 8. Mercury retrograde energies deepen with every day we move closer to March 22.  This means the likelihood for plan changes, cancellations, last-minute trips or other things that effect plans are more likely.  This doesn’t mean travel can’t be amazing during this time because it can!  Flexibility, going with the flow, and extra attention to travel paperwork, agreements, modes of travel, etc. are the ways to ensure a more smooth month and trip.

To understand the Mercury retrograde energies better, check out my detailed video on the topic.

To see the dates of each of the personal planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) for 2018 go here.

Happy Traveling!

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli is a Radical Self-Development Mentor, Founder/Teacher at Shine your Brilliance University (Vocational School) and Astaria School of Practical Magic, Inspirational Speaker, YouTube Personality, Astrologer, Author, Blogger, Founder/Alchemist at Consciousness Blossoms (Organic Bath & Body Products), and Founder/Hostess at and You can additional blogs and offerings from Annie at:

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