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May 2018 Astrology Travel Report

Mar 25, 2018 | Monthly astrology travel reports

Travel Report Disclaimer:

When I give dates that have sweet or challenging aspects, those dates or aspects can manifest on days before or after those days so keep the potentials in your awareness beyond the exact date mentioned.

I talk about how the general astrological energies could lend themselves well to certain types of trips but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t be just as good.  Trust your flow

Just because there’s a challenging aspect during a planned or proposed trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, and just because there are sweet aspects doesn’t mean challenges or problems won’t come up.

These reports can’t and don’t to take into consideration an individuals personal chart which could go against or support the general transits listed.

If you see difficult aspects in the report expected during a time you are stuck in a trip and can’t get out of it, or it doesn’t seem into the flow to shift it, try to not worry and instead trust the circumstances that you are being placed in and just use extra awareness, discernment, presence, and intuition.

Above all your intuition has to reign supreme and is prudent to use over anything that anyone or anything else says 🙂

General May 2018 Astrology Travel Overview:

Mood for the month:  Work-focused, Practical, Home-loving, Ready for Action, Restless and Ready for MOVEMENT

With the Sun in Taurus for two-thirds of the month and Mars in Capricorn for half of the month there is much energy grounding in to the practical and mundane.  The element of Mercury in Aries for the first half of the month brings a readiness for action and excitement and Venus in travel-ready Gemini for half the month brings the energy of halving bags packed and ready for go.  Even local travel can satisfy greatly at this time.  Home-focused Cancer joins the party bringing the draw to either stay home (like a “Stay-cation”) or travel to places that were or feel like ‘home’.

Adventure trips are great to use the Aries energy.   The earth (Taurus and Capricorn) energies support more grounded trips like for business, for future planning, or trips with sensual focus (like for rest or focus on culinary delights).  Cancer energies are great for travel related to emotional healing.  Gemini energy flows well with movement and travel just for the sake of it 🙂

Dates to Note:

Days around May 7 ~ Blocks or tension could arise ~  If you plan to be away, pack some Lavender essential oil to help soothe any frustrations that could come up now.

Days around May 12 ~ Move slowly and patiently to help avoid challenges ~ This aspect can inhibit movement so be more cautious at this time for easiest flow  

Days around May 13-16 ~ Surprises for better or worse are likely now ~  Be flexible and guard your head.

Days around May 18 ~ Travel plans could get a boost now ~  Support from someone or tapping into your own resources that you saved in the past could fund your travel adventure 🙂

Days around May 23 ~  Tendency to overdo is more likely now ~  Make sure you take your vitamins and focus on getting as much sleep as possible in the time before now to better equip your for overexertion.

Days around May 29 ~ The Full Moon in Sagittarius can bring grand travel dreams to fruition ~ A wonderful time for travel or if you can’t make a trip, immersing yourself in travel materials like movies or magazines as an “armchair warrior” 🙂


Personal Planet Retrograde Status:

Mercury post-retrograde shadow period ends May 4.  This may make it easier to make and carry out travel and other plans all month.  Mars retrograde shadow period starts May 11 which can inhibit ambitions.  In general, I love Mars retrograde energies for traveling because it increases the odds of leaving work and worries at home and really diving deep into relaxation and fun 🙂

To understand the Mars retrograde energies better, check out my detailed video on the topic and see my blog Your Guide to Mars Retrograde.

To see the dates of each of the personal planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, & Mars) for 2018 go here.

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli

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