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Jan 14, 2018

On a recent trip to England I discovered an amazing alternative to a travel pillow – the TRTL Pillow.  It made catching up on some sleep on planes, trains, and coaches really easy 🙂

I highly recommend the TRTL because it(s):

~ Is more comfortable than standard travel pillows

~ Is MUCH less bulky which means that it is easily used even when you can’t recline enough in your seat to fit a standard pillow

~ Shape and size are more easily fit into bags, purses, and other take-on travel luggage.  It can easily fit above, alongside, or around other things that are packed.

~  Takes up less room packing, period.  More room for other things.

~  Incredibly lightweight

It is also not that more expensive than a good travel pillow and well worth the investment either way 🙂

I got mine on Amazon.  There are different color choices and all are super-soft and machine washable.

Happy Resting While Traveling!

~ Annie

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli is a Radical Self-Development Mentor, Founder/Teacher at Shine your Brilliance University (Vocational School) and Astaria School of Practical Magic, Inspirational Speaker, YouTube Personality, Astrologer, Author, Blogger, Founder/Alchemist at Consciousness Blossoms (Organic Bath & Body Products), and Founder/Hostess at and You can additional blogs and offerings from Annie at:

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